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Why Is Tree Work SO Darn Expensive?

February 17, 2018


If you ask any tree professional for the one question that they are most often asked, I would bet it is this...


       "Why is your quote for this work so expensive?" 


In order for better understanding of this, here is a scenario that many can relate to based on their own personal experience or have heard through word-of-mouth. 


Mr. Jones, a homeowner, has had a tree break in his back yard during a storm.  Due to there not being immediate damage or concern of additional damage to his dwelling, Mr. Jones decides to wait until spring to have the damaged tree cared for.  


The green of spring is beginning to show, and now Mr. Jones would like to have the tree taken care of.  Mr. Jones decides to call three companies.  One company he sees all over town, one company is referred to him through his insurance agent or insurance company, and the third is "some guy" that was found either on the infamous web-based listing site or through an acquaintance.  After receiving what he deems two fairly equitable quotes and one really low quote, he proceeds to work with the "company" who provided the lower quote.


Mr. Jones books the work with the company and they show up on their scheduled day to remove the tree.  Upon arrival, Mr. Jones pays them in full to remove the tree.  Here are a few takes on this story....

     1.)  The company cuts the damaged portion and/or the                   whole tree down, leaves the debris on the ground, and             drives away without completing the work Mr. Jones                   thought they would.

     2.)  The company cuts the damaged portion and/or of the              tree down, cleans this portion up, and drives away                    without completing the work Mr. Jones thought they would.

     3.)  The company is prepaid in full for the work and is then              no longer reachable. 

     4.)  The company completes the work on-site and causes               damage to Mr. Jones' property during the removal                   process.  


Optimally, here is what should have happened....


Mr. Jones collects three quotes.  One from a company recommended by his insurance agent or insurance company, one from a larger locally recognized company, one from a hometown provider.  It is important to note that during his screening process to qualify those who he would like to quote the work the following should have been touched upon:

    1.) The company is FULLY INSURED as a tree service                       company and be willing to provide you with proof.

    2.)  The company has prior customer references who are                willing to field a phone call or email from you.

    3.)  The company walks you through the quote to                            completion process and the time frame of their current schedule due to previously booked work and tentative weather conditions that may shorten or delay the wait.

    4.)  The company has a presence in your community. 


Though the likelihood of Mr. Jones experiencing these issues may be a 50/50 shot, the risk and expense is great.  Most homeowners insurance policies require use of licensed and/or insured contractors for any work completed on the home.  The massive increase or cost to repair is much higher than the extra time to hire the right tree service and verifying insurance standards, and the "higher" price from a reputable and insured company.


MPT Tree & Landscape is a fully insured tree service company that focuses on communication, care, and commitment to the community.  We value opportunities to create life-long clients through quality tree and landscape care and rich communication, while being a good neighbor. 


MPT Tree & Landscape is a proud supporter of the Norton VFW and Norton youth sport programs. 


Please feel free to contact us at (508) 285-TREE or at info@mpttree.com.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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